SCNA Needs Your Help to Stay Active

*****SCNA Election of Board Members*****

In order to stay an active neighborhood association in Roseville, SCNA needs a minimum of four board members and more is better. At this time, only two neighbors have put their names on the Slate of Candidates. What does this mean for your neighborhood?

  • SCNA can’t hold the election as planned on Tuesday, October 11, because we can’t find two more candidates for the board. However, we encourage you to attend this General Meeting from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Crestmont School Multi-Purpose Building. Your board will inform you of a Crestmont Park bench and picnic table project we have been working on with the City. Also, our guest speaker, Jim Ferguson, will give his presentation on the Placer County Grand Jury.
  • Please consider running for the SCNA board to keep your neighborhood association active. If we do not get the required number of candidates, SCNA will go inactive as of December 31. Email as soon as possible with your questions and let us know of your interest. Our General Meeting and Election is rescheduled to Tuesday, November 15, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Crestmont School Multi-Purpose Building. We hope to find those two neighbors by that meeting. We will have a guest speaker at this meeting. All residents are encouraged to review the Slate of Candidates at by clicking on Slate of Candidates at the top of the home page. Only one vote per developed lot or business will be allowed and the voter must be present at the November 15 General Meeting and Election. We need your vote.
  • We hope you’ve enjoyed SCNA’s accomplishments since reactivating in 2013. The City repainted the South Cirby Way sound wall for a nicer entrance to our neighborhood. The City installed a “Welcome to Roseville” cement sign in our South Cirby Way heritage oak median strip. SCNA’s annual neighborhood events (National Night Out BBQ and Neighborhood Garage Sale) encourage relationships with neighbors, City, County, police and fire to help keep our neighborhood safer and a better place to live. SCNA meetings have featured guest speakers ranging from City and County elected officials and department employees all the way to gardening tips from Placer County UC Master Gardeners and Green Acres Nursery. Your SCNA newsletter has been delivered to your door with event notices and helpful tips. Your SCNA website is currently being redesigned, but still informational. SCNA also has Facebook group pages. SCNA members volunteered with Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) this spring to help the City with our neighborhood cleanup event at Maidu Park which many of our neighbors attended.
  • Please know that if SCNA deactivates because of a lack of board members, all activities mentioned above and others not mentioned will stop as of December 31. The funds we have raised for SCNA projects will be turned over to RCONA. SCNA has a population of 2,674 and 1,004 homes. We cannot find two additional people to volunteer for the board. Please help us give you these great events and projects.